Delivering critical services to thousands of Drivers

MAX Drive is an inclusive framework built with the welfare, and morale of our champions (drivers) in mind. We provide access to finance, vehicle ownership, licence, and insurance packages to aid our drivers so that they can focus on getting customers and goods safely to their destinations.

Drive your dreams with MAX- Subscribe, Drive, Own.

At MAX Drive, we're committed to simplifying the process of Vehicle Ownership. That's why we've created a unique vehicle subscription platform where you can select your desire vehicle and pay for it later. With our subscribe-to-own model, commercial vehicle operators can conveniently subscribe to any vehicle and gradually progress towards full ownership.
We pride ourselves on offering transparent and flexible conditions with:

No need for collaterals,

Long paperwork, or hidden fees.

Our competitive prices make owning a new vehicle accessible for everyone. 

Plus, with MAX, you can enjoy additional benefits such as maintenance, vehicle and health insurance.

Don't miss out on the MAX vehicle buffet - join us today and start driving towards a brighter future.

Why choose MAX?

Ownership of a new vehicle with zero down payment

Earn money on your terms

Access electric vehicles on a subscription basis

Training and development

Business growth

Vehicle insurance

Subsidized Health Insurance

Life Insurance

24/7 emergency response

Vehicle licenses and tax compliance

Maintenance service plans

Now, let’s get you that vehicle you desire.

We leave no Driver behind! Owning a MAX vehicle comes with added benefits.

Now that you own a vehicle, we are offering you the opportunity of a lifetime as a MAX Champion. We have put everything in place to ensure that you are motivated, safe, and happy enough to make passengers’ journeys worthwhile.

Healthcare Coverage

We take the health of our champions seriously and for this reason, we offer comprehensive healthcare benefits through reliable Health Management Organizations (HMOs) for happier and healthier champions. Our health insurance plan covers:

Comprehensive healthcare for all drivers.

Extended healthcare for drivers’ immediate family members.

Fast healthcare access in cases of emergencies.

Vehicle Protection

We offer a wide range of financial protection that covers loss or damage to vehicles. This also includes emergency healthcare for champions and passengers in certain cases within our stipulated vehicle insurance policy. Our vehicle protection plan covers:

Financial coverage against loss of vehicle to theft.

No long paperwork

Emergency medical expenses for the driver and passenger in the event of an accident.

Other vehicle damages like fire, explosion, acts of terrorism, or natural disasters.

School Fees Coverage

We provide financial aid to our champions to cater to the proper education of their children at certain stages of their educational journey should they (champions) be unable to do so on their own. Our education plan covers:

School fees for children within a certain age.

Cost of necessary educational materials.

Educational loans for children above the age of insurance coverage.

Referral Scheme

We encourage our champions to act as our empowerment agents and refer competent drivers to us which will, in turn, earn them a certain amount of money if the referred driver passes all necessary background checks, and eventually becomes a max champion. This scheme will offer you a chance to:

Empower a friend or family member financially.

Earn extra cash.

Become a growth driver in your community.

Training and Development

Our framework covers proper safety and driver skill development for our champions centred around defensive driving, recognizing and obeying road signs, acceptable speed limits, and customer service skills required for interaction with passengers. This will help you:

Become a better driver.

Ensure the safety of your passengers.

Enjoy a great Customer-Driver-MAX experience.

We want to set you up for success. Are you interested?

Are you ready for a world